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Since 1881, Helmold LLC has been the manufacturer and innovator steel rule die making. Our steel rule, cutting punches, rule benders, rule notchers, rule cutters, miter machines, automatic rule processors and diemaking supplies and diemaking accessories are among the highest quality in the world.

Our reputation for excellence and innovation is evident throughout the entire line of products and services offered by Helmold.

We have everything you need to make a steel rule die, from various steel rule and punches to benders, notchers, cutters, and miter machines is available from Helmold. You'll also find all the supplies to produce the dies too such as ejection rubber, tape, perfatype, rule pullers and creasing matrix.

Our long tradition as a leader in our industry was earned by delivering excellent products. We're proud of our reputation and will do everything we can to constantly deliver quality goods and services to our customers.

Lazer Blade, The All-American Rule

Lazer Blade

The All-American Steel Rule

Automatic Rule Processors

Automatic Rule Processors

Helmold Cutting Punches

Helmold Cutting Punches